CAD Drafting

Conversion of Paper to CAD Drawings

Conversion of Paper to CAD Drawings

ARMACO provides CAD Drafting services for preparation of As-built Drawing of existing plant. With past experience & technical expertise ARMACO’s technicians are acquainted to Converting paper to CAD with high precision and Consistent quality. ARMACO emphsises on extensive quality checking prior to delivery of CAD Drawings to client.


Our CAD Drafting Services

  • Conversion of Paper to CAD Drawings
  • Hand sketches to CAD Conversion
  • Blueprint to CAD Conversion
  • Pdf to CAD Conversion
  • .tiff or .jpeg or .bmp to CAD Conversion
  • Scanned Drawings/Documents to CAD Conversion
  • CAD redrafting & Conversion Adding dimensions to scale


  • Receipt of the inputs in Hard Paper or Scanned copy or in pdf/jpeg/tiff/bmp format
  • Review of the inputs
  • Visit to Chemical Plant Facility, if required
  • Request For Information (RFI), if any
  • Preparation of CAD Drawings
  • Two layers of Internal Checking
  • Submission of Drawing to client for Review
  • Rectification, if Any

As-built Drawings in CAD formats are used for modification and development of the existing plant. Our capabilities include generating CAD drawing for plot plans, elevations, sections, equipment, Piping routing & Isometrics, HVAC, Electrical, Fire fighting, Plumbing, Landscaping drawings, Structural drawings, Survey drawings, working drawings etc.