Electrical and Instrumentation

Electrical & Instrumentation

Fully Automated Plants yield better quality and quantity in production. It also eradicates human errors and accidents.

ARMACO’s Electrical & Instrumentation is inclined towards automating the plant with minimum use of Instruments. With Back-up from process department, we automate the entire plant by setting process logics and gain complete control over the production quality and quantity.


ARMACO’s Electrical & Instrumentation services are inclined to complete Automation of Chemical plant with minimum Electrical & Instrumentation. Major plant accidents happen due to human errors and the safety becomes one of the primary concerns of the plant managers.

The main objective of ARMACO’S electrical and instrumentation division is to Minimize Risk by Automating Plant/ System thereby reducing Human Interface & Errors. With Experienced Technician and back-up from our process Engineers, we are able to Design & Automate Entire Plant/System with minimum Instrumentation, limited budget and timely delivery.

Electrical Deliverables

Our Electrical Deliverables include:

  • Designing of SWO-Electrical
  • High Terminal: Design of Meter Room, HT Breaker, (VCB,SF6), Transformer, sub - station.
  • Low Terminal : Designing of PCC , MCC, APFC panel, Lighting DB panel, UPS system, Diesel Generator, Power distribution SLD, cable tray / trench design specification & MTO, Junction Box specification and MTO
  • Cable Routing, Trench tray sections Design & Detailing (tray + trench)
  • Plant Light Distribution & Lamp Specification & MTO
  • Plant Load Calculation
  • Preparation of Layout (Earthling/Lighting)
  • Power and Control Cable Design & Layout, (MTO)
Instrumentation Deliverables 

Our Instrumentation deliverables include:

  • Plant Control Philosophy
  • Single line diagrams (Control system Architectures)
  • Selection of Instrument as per application
  • Instruction Data sheet
  • Loop Wiring drawings
  • Hook-up Drawings
  • Instrumentation Installation Drawing, Electrical & Instrumentation termination drawings)
  • PLC I/O List
  • PLC / DCS specification & selection
  • SCADA Specification and Selection
  • Control Room Layout
  • Control & Signal
  • Junction Box Schedule
  • Cable (Control & Signal) Schedule
  • Instrument Index Sheet
  • Instrument Data Sheet


IEC International Electromechanical Commission, NEMA