Brownfield Projects

It’s observed that most chemical plants are operating at levels significantly lower than their rated capacity. Also the utility costs rise after a period of plant operation and the profits suffer. Armaco focuses on restoring the plant operation and bringing about quantum improvement in the quantity of output, quality of output, yield and thereby increasing the profitability of the plant.

Armaco has gained extensive expertise in handling Brown field projects in its 30 years of existence. Brownfield Projects have always been the stronghold of the company and is responsible for its renowned name in the industry. We offer services in revamping plant performances, retrofit sections of operation of plants, or bring down operating costs.

What do you gain?

  • Enhanced output and yield from the plant
  • Improved quality of final product and variations  in the grade of the product
  • Better production and operation of the plant
  • Low Downtime/ Maintenance time
  • Reduction in Utility costs
  • More Profits...