Oleo Chemicals


At ARMACO we start with the fundamentals of the process, to deliver cost effective, project and operating solutions. 




We offer services in:

  • Benchmarking best thru-put, yields and utility consumption for existing Oleochemical plants.
  • De-Bottlenecking, retro-fitting to achieve the benchmarks of Oleochemical Industry.
  • We offer Techno-feasibility reports, process guarantees, basic and detailed engineering, procurement and commissioning for all Oleochemical plants.
  • ARMACO aims at engineering the process designs to give maximum output for minimum consumption of raw materials and utilities. 
  • ARMACO also provides process intensification services which focuses on obtaining optimum yields, reduced wastage, reduced utility consumption and maximum benefit from the present Oleochemical plant setup.


Oleochemicals Fat Oil Splitting Fatty Acids Alcohol Fractionation Oil Refining Glycerin
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Our Unique Advantage

The process Simulator for oleochemical industry

We have hands-on experience in upgrading by design and operating fat Splitting, Fractionation and Glycerine plants up-to 1.5 times to 3 times their design capacity. The effect of the increased through-put on yields and operating efficiency has been thoroughly evaluated, and retrofitting solutions implemented to debottleneck and realize full plant capacity.

This experience is systematized in exclusive and unique in-house simulation programs to deliver improved plant performance and cost effectiveness. The fatty acid simulator for splitting and fractionation plants is developed by us to determine the maximum capacity and minimum utility consumtion figures at which a fatty acid splitting or fractionation plant can be run at. IF you want to know the maximum capacity att which you can run your plant, get in touch.