Fatty Acids / Alcohol Fractionation Plants


Fractionation Process



Technical Specifications

Fatty acid and Fatty alcohols
C6 to C22


Armaco designs accomodate the possibility of a second feed and draw off alternative giving you various cuts of fractionated fatty acids.

Critical Parameters For Optimising Fatty Acid/ Alcohol Fractionation plants

1)   Height of packing and stripping section

The Purity of the top and bottom product is decided based on the height of the packings or no' of trays in the rectification section and the height of stripping section. Tray columns provide total flexibility in Sizing of different sections but packings provide much lower pressure drop.

2)   Column Diameter

The diameter of the fractionation or distillation column is a very critical parameter in optimising the plant output. The column must be designed to ensure that F-factor and liquid load are maintained within the operating range of packing to ensure efficient operations.

3)   Column pressure and FEED temparature

Higher column pressure compresses the vapour steam which can reduce the vapour velocity. Also the FEED temparature directly affects the reflux required for a paticular separation by changing 'minimum reflux'. Optimising both these parameters becomes extremely important when aiming for maximum productivity.

4)   Pump around condenser

This critical equipment helps in increasing column capacity and reduce unwanted energy consumption by maintaining reflux at column top bubble point.

You can visit our simulator section to understand what we can do for you.

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