Phosphoric Acid, Phosphates and Phosphate Fertilizers


ARMACO has 20 years experience in engineering design and execution of phosphoric acid plants, phosphates and phosphate fertilizer plants.


Phosphoric Acid


As a consultant for fertilizer plants, Armaco has designed and executed dihydrate plants. The current thrust for ARMACO’s Phosphate engineering services is Hemihydrate plants which are beneficial in raw material savings, water and utility savings and require less space while being sturdier for process parameter variation. ARMACO can execute dihydrate plants, hemi hydrate plants and also convert existing dihydrate plants to hemi technology and will provide basic as well as detailed engineering of fertilizer plants.


ARMACO, as professional engineering consultants for Phosphoric Acid also has the technology and capability to execute food grade phosphoric acid plants based on solvent purification.




ARMACO focuses its Phosphate engineering services on DiCalcium phosphate units (animal feed grade product). With recent interest in MonoCalcium Phosphate, ARMACO can assist in retrofitting existing DiCalcium Phosphate Plants to also manufacture MCP (MonoCalcium Phosphate). ARMACO can provide technology to manufacture either powder or granular finished product.


Phosphatic Fertilizers


In Phosphatic fertilizers, ARMACO has worked with SSP (single super phosphate), TSP (triple super phosphate), NPK (Mixed fertilizers of various grades including soluble fertilizers) and has done both basic and detailed engineering of fertilizer plants.


Sulfuric Acid


As a direct requirement for Phosphoric Acid and SSP plants, ARMACO, as a consultant for fertilizer plants, can also supply complete turnkey Sulphuric Acid plants of required balancing capacity by DCDA process. ARMACO plants could guarantee highest steam recovery and power generation capacity.


All the above plants have the benefit of ARMACO's strong design capabilities for meeting environmental standards for particulate, fluoride and SO2 emissions.