Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric Acid
Phosphoric Acid

In phosphoric acid plants, Armaco has designed and executed dihydrate plants. The current thrust for ARMACO is Hemihydrate plants which are beneficial in raw material savings, water and utility savings and require less space while being sturdier for process parameter variation. ARMACO can execute dihydrate plants, hemi hydrate plants and also convert existing dihydrate plants to hemi technology.

ARMACO also has the technology/capability to execute food grade phosphoric acid plants based on solvent purification.



Calculate the Inputs and Outputs as per your size of plant

Phosphoric Acid - DiHydrate
Raw Materials
Rock Phosphate (minimum 26.5% P2O5)
3.5 - 4.0 Tons
Sulfuric Acid (98%)
2.8 - 3.0 Tons
Process Water
5-7 m3
Cooling Water (WPA)
270-280 m3
Steam (at 3.5 bar g)
0.7 - 0.8 Tons
200-225 Kwh
Phosphoric Acid (on 100% P2O5 basis)
1 Ton
By Product
4-5 Tons


Design of both dihydrate and hemi plants meet a 94% P2O5 yield on ex filter cake basis for weak acid. (28-30% P2O5 in dihydrate) or strong acid (42% P2O5 in hemi process)


Conversion of Di to Hemi

Armaco can convert existing dihydrate plants to hemihydrate plants achieving all yield / raw material consumption and utility saving advantage.



ARMACO designs are available with affordable levels of automation, which can be maintained on a sustainable basis in the particular location. Plants are available with PLC or DCS configuration.


Performance Enhancement

ARMACO offers services to conduct a technical diligence on existing plants to recommend modifications that would enhance plant capacity/ yields/plant availability (due to reduced maintenance  downtime) on a sustained basis.


Gypsum Management

ARMACO’s focus in phosphoric acid plants is the efficient management of gypsum. This is reflected in choice of process (hemi vs di), crystal growth characteristics for better filterability, washing efficiency to maximize P2O5 recovery, conveying logistics and utilization of the product phosphate gypsum.


Fluoride Management

ARMACO also has a strong focus on the fluoride management in a phosphoric acid plant. This reflects in efficient scrubbing systems (to maximize fluosilicic acid reserves) to meet emission standards.