Process Intensification

Process Intensification is one of ARMACO’s core strengths. The goal is to lower capital & energy requirements of the plant by reducing operating cycle, reducing consumption of material and reducing waste.

With the application of engineering fundamentals, Out of Box Ideas & lateral thinking, Armaco engineers  intensify existing plant process to;

  • Enhance existing plant Capacity
  • Improve Product Purity
  • Optimize Process Yields
  • Conserve Energy & Utility
  • Optimize Material & Utility Consumption
  • Improve Byproduct Recovery efficiently

During Revamping or Retrofitting an Existing plant, ARMACO analyses existing equipment under new conditions of process to arrive at decisions either for no change or modification or replacement by addition of few new balancing  equipment. Use of latest practices in the industry allow introduction of equipment / processes that are better on performance

Armaco’s Process Intensification services are also useful for Scaling-up existing Plants or converting lab scale technology to Commercial Scale. Process Intensification techniques at Design & Implementation stage of a new Plant makes the process, compact, efficient and smarter.


  • Data Collection & Validation of Existing Plant with process Audit
  • Identify Areas for Upgradation / Modification
  • Identify the Bottle necks in the Process
  • Conceptualize & Redesign
  • Project Implementation Methodology
  • Process – Hardware Corrections
  • Commissioning – Training