Capacity Enhancement

Primary objective of ARMACO’s Capacity Enhancement service is to assist existing Chemical plants to discover and harness the hidden plant wealth. Capacity enhancement of the Existing plant is achieved by implementing innovative process engineering solutions.

Starting with an Audit & Validation of existing Plant Parameters, ARMACO Engineers use a multiplicity of Analysis Techniques to develop solutions that provide quantum jump in Production Capacity.

ARMACO aims to maximize utilization of existing major equipment and debottlenecking key areas to increase the throughput, which lowers the capital investment for the revamp. With systematic planning, detailed knowledge of the process & practical field experience, overhauling of chemical plant is done without disturbing the production schedule.

ARMACO also enhances plant production by introducing technically advance equipment design which lowers production time, energy consumption & waste production significantly.

Process Benefits
  •           Technical Audit & Optimization Report
  •      Increased Throughput                   
  •       Process Re-design & Validation
  •      Optimized Energy utilization
  •       Detailed Engineering Design
  •      Enhance Yield
  •       Procurement, Erection & Commissioning
  •      Improved Quality