Detergent Spray Drying

Detergent Spray Drying Process Diagram
Detergent Spray Drying Process Diagram

Technical Specs

Plant Capacity…… 500 kg/hr-8000 kg/hr dried powder
Bulk Density of the final Product…………0.15 to 0.3 Kg/l


Brief Description

Weighed solid and the liquid raw material ingredients are mixed vigorously in a slurry crutcher and transferred to the ageing vessel . The aged slurry is fed through a set of magnetic filters and auto filters to remove solid particles which might clog the nozzles. The slurry is subsequently pumped into high pressure pumps to spray nozzles located at the top end of the spray drying tower. The hot air at 350 - 400 oC for drying the slurry is introduced countercurrently in the lower part of the tower. The hot air rising up dries the sprayed slurry to fine granulated powder. The detergent powder is discharged from the tower base and transferred by an Air-lift to storage silo. This powder is then stored and mixed in the special additives and perfume prior to packaging.


Armaco Advantage

  • Armaco offers detergent powder with bulk density 0.15 to 0.3 Kg/l.
  • Use of special pumps enables homogenizing of in spray nozzle atomising performance.
  • All towers are designed to obtain high thermal efficiency and lowest optimum fuel consumption per Metric Tonne of output.