Detergent Sulphonation


Brief Description

Molten sulphur from sulphur melter is pumped to the sulphur furnace where converted with an excess of oxygen to Sulphur Dioxide(SO2). The furnace outlet temperature of the SO2/air varies with the percentage of SO2 in air between 600 and 700 degree C. The SO2/air flow is cooled in an indirect air cooler from 600-700 degree C to about 420 degree C.

SO2 is converted to Sulphur Trioxide(SO3) in the converter tower filled with 4 packed beds of catalyst. The SO3 is dry fed to an organic film in the sulphonation reactor at controlled temaparatures to produce high quality Sulphonated products.


Armaco Services

  • Armaco offers complete ISBL and OSBL designs for sulphonation plants at optimum utility consumptions. Plants for sulphonation of LAB, Alpha Olefins and Lauryl ether ethoxylates upto a capacity of 5MT/hr have been desgined and executed