Toilet and Laundry Soap

Packed Soap
Packed Soap

Technical Specs

The soap plants are designed to meet the customized requirements of the client. Selection of machines and designs is dependant on the degree of automation, plant capacity, type of wrapping etc. Care is to be taken to ensure lines are properly balanced and integrated.


Brief Description

Oils / fatty acids are blended to meet the requirement of Titre / IV. Saponification is either in high speed Homogenisors / Reactors or through crutchers. The neat soap is dried in vacuum dryers to produce noodles. The noodles are taken to sigma mixer where additives mixed in, then, milling and plodding, followed by stamping, after which the final soap is wrapped.

Armaco Advantage

  • We advise and guide clients in designing manpower efficient layouts, degree of automation, minimizing change parts, balanced and customized product lines as per budget, best points for addition of perfume and additives etc.