ARMACO offers a complete Lump Sum multidiscipline Commissioning and Start-Up service.  Our commissioning services cover initial and primary dynamic tests as well as guarantee performance tests of the chemical set-up. This includes all aspects from Mechanical Completion through Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start-Up including all procedures and handover documentation packages.

Our commissioning services ensure:

  • Extensive engineering supervision
  • Project control development
  • Operational assurance
  • Rectified design and construction errors
  • Training of the production personnel
  • Safe and efficient operation
  • Start-up and handover

Our job is to guarantee integrity of all systems, for which we take complete responsibility when the job is done by us. Our focus is always on working proactively to prevent problems and implement solutions. As a result, our clients obtain chemical plants that operate at their peak performance, resulting in lower energy and maintenance costs, as well as more productive and finest quality output.