Construction Assistance

ARMACO provides construction management and assistance services for our EPC projects in the field of Phosphates, Oleochemicals, Soaps and Detergents and Specialty Chemicals. We provide solutions which ensure safety and quality construction within the scheduled timelines and budget. We also take care of the environmental issues which arise during the construction phase of chemical facilities.

ARMACO has a long track record of successfully handling complex challenges arising during the erection of chemical plants. Our site engineers are trained to handle technical as well as management related issues at the site, ensuring smooth execution of the construction work. The international experience, gained over the years, has made our site engineers capable of enduring site conditions different geographies and climates.

We also aim to mitigate risks related to construction execution, health and safety of workers and project management & scheduling. We strive to lower down the project life cycle so that the project gets over soon benefiting the client cost-wise.