A well experienced technical team with a large vendor database is the backbone of the successful procurement services at ARMACO. We also provide technical evaluation, Bid evaluation, vendor recommendations, expediting and Inspection services. ARMACO’s procurement service ensures the timely delivery of all project materials and services, in line with the required specifications and within the defined budget.

We use systematic scheduling and material requisition grouping to ensure timely delivery of the equipment and hence timely execution of the project. ARMACO’s global sourcing policy and the database of major international vendors acquired over the years gives us the ability to provide solutions which are cost effective, time effective and quality driven. ARMACO also has an approved set of vendors for sourcing of exotic material equipment and special equipment.

The technical prowess of ARMACO is backed by a competent commercial team which takes care of all the financial matters related to Procurement. The good negotiation skills, in-depth knowledge of INCO terms and special bid evaluation tools helps us provide the best deals to the clients. Our commercial team also takes into account the legal, tax and loading factor calculation matters to control costs and provide hassle free procurement of equipment.

ARMACO also provides inspection services for the equipment sourced by the clients directly. The inspection services include checking if the equipment is:

  • Fabricated according to the specified dimensions
  • Fabricated according to the applicable standards and tolerances
  • Fit for the corresponding process design