Why Us

Quality Work

We strive to provide the highest degree of expertise and in the field of Process Design and engineering for chemical plants. We bring in a very different approach to the work we do and take pride in standing by our word. Armaco follows three levels of check for all the engineering documents and processes.

Consolidated Knowledge

Armaco brings in all the knowledge consolidated from diverse operating conditions, equipments, procedures and chemistry across different industries, verticals and businesses at your disposal. We can provide a very unique solution to a problem faced in running a chemical plant as most of the times our customers are oblivious to the enormous amount of possibilities that have been implemented across the industries to counter some specific issues.

Industry Experience

Armaco’s breadth and depth of technical expertise for the chemical industry is unmatched. We being exposed to the different technologies and processes are better suited to assist you to implement those procedures and achieve better efficiencies. Hence, we are able to ensure solutions that work.

ComprehensiveService Offerings

For existing plants & new plants, Armaco handles projects from concept to commissioning. We cover almost all aspects of the project execution in multiple engineering disciplines of that of, Process, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Piping etc. Our services include Engineering, Procurement, construction and commissioning for Greenfield projects and Process Intensification, capacity enhancement, Utility optimization, Batch to continuous conversion, etc for Brownfield Projects. To know more about our Brownfield service offerings, please visit our Brownfield Projects page.

Flexible Business Model

Armaco has a wide breadth and depth of services portfolio to address our customers’ specific needs. Armaco provides a complete complement of multi-disciplined engineering services to address the cyclic needs of our client’s engineering development activities. The clients can feel comfortable outsourcing any part or the whole project. We offer flexible service options to meet your needs.

WideCustomer Base

Armaco has a wide customer base which includes clients from blue-chip companies to SMEs. We have projects completed in over 15 countries and delivered consistent, reliable project performance for our client’s benefit. Armaco has maintained and nurtured intense relations with clients by offering them the best solutions for their needs.


At Armaco, we believe that transparency and coordination are two basic aspects of project management. The exchange of information with the client and the transparency of information flow brings everyone related to the project on the same platform and provides better insight into decision making process. The transparency factor also helps the client understand the project flow to a better extent ensuring increased client control and better acceptance.


ArmacoCPS has become a leader in developing efficient and intelligent solutions for Chemical Process industry. We use our experience and passion for problem solving to advance and apply innovative solutions to benefit clients, entire value chain and society as a whole. Our attributes such as Innovation, reliability and sincerity sets us apart.